The popular scandal buzzing around one everyone’s phone lately is one where a popular 2010’s musical frontman has been accused of cheating on his wife of 8 years. That is right, ladies and gentleman – Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine has been in a relationship with his wife Behati Prinsloo for a near decade now and they are currently even expecting their 3rd child! 

Now, this is where it gets interesting. An Instagram model and Influener, Summer Stroh went online recently and revealed information that suggests that she and Adam Levine had been in a one year relationship, while he was still with Prinsloo. It does not end with Stroh’s confession though, multiple other women have also come forward and accused Levine of sending them flirty DM’s over the years. In Stroh’s case –  she posted a video in which she claimed to have had a year-long affair with Levine, showing screenshotted DMs from his official IG account as proof. These DMs don’t necessarily prove an affair, but they sure are flirty, and then Levine asks whether he and his wife can name their son after her. What those messages do however reveal is that regardless of an affair, Levine was clearly not valuing his wife’s role in his life at this point. 

In the days that have followed Summer Stroh’s revelation, Levine has quickly become a popular point of contact for tabloids and paparazzi wherever… Maroon 5 remains relevant. While this does not account for most of the world, still, this scandal has received its fair share of internet attention and many parts of the exchange between Stroh and Levine have turned into meme’s. I guess, what you could call, a pretty normal reaction to anything within the media these days. 

Despite all the speculation, accusations and rumors, what we do know for now is that the story claims that Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo remain together in the face of this scandal. An insider source told Hollywood Life, “Adam has upped his husband and father game 10-fold and he is doing everything that he can to make sure that Behati is as comfortable as possible right now.” The source continued with “Adam knows how close he came to losing everything and he is so incredibly thankful that she has not run away from him over this.He loves Behati and his kids so much and he has been a nervous wreck these past couple of days because the thought of losing his family is unbearable to him.” 

Well, we aren’t sure about the sincerity of these statements but one thing is for certain, Adam Levine really needs to improve his game. What these messages show more than anything is the total lack of effort this guy puts into both extramarital creeping and apologizing for it.