How familiar are you with the following scenario:

You’re in bed, ready to sleep in an hour or two, you are playing something on TV but really you’re on your phone and scrolling through Instagram. There will be times when I will actually be furiously typing away a work email on my phone or planning this for tomorrow, so a high-strung and detailed plot isn’t something I can keep up with. 

This is where sitcoms come in handy. Most times, with very few exceptions, you can expect a beginning, middle and resolution to occur in a nicely packed 20-ish minutes. This easy watch is short, sweet and doesn’t get unnecessarily busy so you can multitask. 

With winter coming in at full speed ahead, we will probably find ourselves spending more time snuggled up in that scenario — binging away but still working on what you need to — you can rewatch or explore something new with our recommendations. 


Hands down, the greatest sitcom of our time. The nine seasons of Seinfeld delivered more comic relief than all the other shows on the list. The adventures of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer have kept me going on many a quarantine day. The script is clever and the physical comedy is unmatched!

Big Bang Theory 

With hilarious delivery, inspiring female scientists and an awful lot of character growth (for some, especially Howard and Sheldon) – this sitcom deserves a spot on every viewer’s list. As an avid fan of astronomy, relativity and space travel, I find it hard to imagine that someone isn’t impressed with the trivia side of the show. 


Who doesn’t like Friends? It’s a superb background show because you’re most likely able to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the show. Jennifer Aniston sports a great wardrobe, Chandler is almost always funny and there’s a cosy feel to it all. 

That 70s Show

The day Netflix decided to remove this one from their servers, was definitely a dark day in tv history. Filled with iconic one-liners, this show navigates the life of teenagers in a small town setting as they face many of the realities of growing older against a system that doesn’t always support them. With the return of 1970’s fashion trend, the show provides a wonderful aesthetic. 

How I Met Your Mother 

I’m a diehard fan of Jason Siegel. While most of us may be die-hard fans of characters like Barney and Robin, I think Marshall easily contributes to the show’s popularity. His sweet, well-balanced friendship with all characters triumphs in comparison to Joey’s relationship with the rest of the “friends.” He’s a close second of course. 

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will Smith is a dear. With a killer wardrobe, the king who is Jeffery, and the bond between a man and his uncle — the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air balances the line between sitcom and actuality amazingly well. The 90s don’t always look great on television but this capture of it does a great job.