How to Avoid The Really Hot Month of October 

While many countries of the world begin to experience the fall season as September comes to a close and the very much awaited month of October begins, Pakistan unfortunately is going through some of the worst of its heat. The monsoons of July-September and their cloudy, cooler weather dissipate and we’re left behind with blaring sunshine and high temperatures which do not usually recede until late November. 

Just in case this heat is getting you down, here are 5 things you can do to avoid the really hot month of October! 

Explore the Great Indoors

One of the best ways to stay cool is to avoid the heat altogether by staying inside with adequate ventilation. If you do plan to go outside, limit your time by taking frequent breaks where you can go inside to an area where there is access to air conditioning. There are many communal areas spread around modern cities which offer a cool environment where you can spend a few hours beating the heat. 

Areas such as the mall, library, movie theater, or restaurant are great ways to get in a few hours of air conditioning when you are unable to get home yet. 

Very importantly though, if you do plan to partake in indoor activities to escape the heat, be sure to observe COVID-19 protocols and consider getting vaccinated.

Keep your home as cool as possible

If the worst happens and your air conditioning unit fails without ample time to call in for a repair, you can prevent the sun from warming your home by closing windows and shades during the day and opening windows during the night to let in the cooler air.

Aside from this, you can also limit the use of extreme heat sources such as ovens and stop tops during extreme high temperatures so there is little to not heat circulating around your house. 

Carry water with you

Your body loses a lot of water content through sweating when you are exposed to high heat and temperatures. 

Due to this it is really important to hydrate your body throughout the day. In order to do so, it is imperative to carry a water bottle so that you can quickly replace any lost fluids during exposure to the heat. On the plus side, you’re also being environmentally friendly by carrying your reusable water bottle. 

Apply cold compresses

If you feel yourself getting heated, apply cold compresses or ice packs on key zones of your body, such as your neck and wrist.

You can also take a cool shower or bath to cool down, but avoid sudden changes of temperature — an abrupt drop in temperature can be harmful to the body. 

Dress right and apply sunscreen

Wearing loose, lightweight and light-coloured clothing on hot days allows an individual to avoid overheating. On any areas of your body which are not covered by clothing, you should apply sunscreen to protect your exposed skin from UV rays. 

Even if you are just driving, UV can come through the car windows and heat you up. So sitting inside the car, you want to remain protected so don’t forget cool, breathable fabrics or your sunscreen. 

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