I think there is something so heartwarming about a really good burger. It’s a filling combination of meat, cheese, veggies and sauces all beautifully wrapped and protected by a crisp and toasty bun. What is not heartwarming is an average burger which leaves you wishing or wanting for more. Which is why I want you to be familiar with the 6 best burgers in Karachi right now! 

Aussie Burger

You have to be living under a rock if you have not had a meal at Aussie Burger yet. A signature menu that highlights fast food and decadent choices. From cheese-topped fries, to a bacon cheeseburger (the outback) and finally extremely creamy shakes – Aussie really does deliver as a benchmark for old diner standards. 

8 0Z

True to its name, every burger here is made with an 8oz patty. You can get it in the classic style with just some tomatoes, onion and cheese, or really dress it up with onion jam or Korean style bbq sauce. Pair this burger with a meal of fries and a coca cola and I guarantee you that this food will last a whole day. As far as a bang for your buck goes, this burger really hits the spot. 

No Lies Fries

The most frustrating thing can be a restaurant which can only be reached by phone. Which is really unfortunate because No Lies Fries is never a click on Foodpanda or a website away. However, it is worth it! The burgers at NLF are juicy, well seasoned and do so without too much unnecessary flair. What really shines at NLF though is their Nashville Hot Chicken so you many want to get some with your burger next time. 

Mr. Burger

Good old Mr Burger always hits the spot. It’s got that classic taste and never disappoints. You can never go wrong with a Mr Big and fries. Much tastier than McDonalds and different when you do not want the popularized potato bun burger of this modern Karachi era. 

Burger Lab

This one is great for when you’re budgeting! Burger Lab delivers their belt buster for you and a friend to share. Their burgers definitely have a good mix between a local desi and American style burger. Don’t believe us? Try out Burger Lab now through their website or order directly through Foodpanda to avail some amazing deals. 

Tipu Burger

Maybe you cannot put Tipu Burger in the same category as the likes of Juicy Lucy, NLF and Aussie but that doesn’t mean Tipu is any less delicious. Definitely desi and full of mirch and masala, Tipu remains a filling meal which is light on the pocket as well.