From Adele’s very public admission of postpartum depression to Michael Phelps’s ADHD. These are the celebrities with hidden disorders that you didn’t know about. 

Singer and songwriter Dan Reynolds struggle with depression.

Despite being a part of the chart-topping band Imagine Dragons, he’s had his fair share of struggles with depression. He has been very open about feeling “depressed as hell” since 2012. This is despite all the commercial success and rewards that come with a musical career.

He even said it was very scary to feel empty despite having everything you’ve ever wanted.  It’s feeling like nothing could actually make things better. But, being a new husband and father has given Reynolds a newfound motivation.

Parenthood has really led him to make positive changes in his life. He said that it made him feel like he needed to reevaluate his life and find a deeper appreciation for it.

Another musician who has suffered from depression is Lizzo.

She went through a really tough time when she released her song ‘Truth Hurts.’ In fact, she said it was one of the darkest days of her career. She even thought about quitting music altogether!

 Because she felt like nobody cared about her best song ever. But thankfully, her producer, publicist, and family rallied around her and encouraged her to keep going. They told her that this was just the darkest before the dawn phase of her life. 

And guess what? They were right! Now, the song that made her want to quit is the one that really made her!  But it’s just that I could never imagine someone as chirpy as Lizzo being depressed. 

Even the next person on my list was a surprise.

Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye has regular bouts of depression and anxiety.

He actually opened up to the Trevor Project back in 2019 about how he struggles with depression and anxiety. He talked about how it’s not as easy as just telling yourself to be happy. And somehow, sometimes, it feels like there’s no way out.

He explained that when you’re really stuck in your depression. There’s this little voice in your head that tells you that you’re never going to feel joy again. But he also said that it’s really important to try to separate yourself from that voice and realize that it’s not the truth.

One of the things that have helped him is having a support system. Someone to whom you can talk when you’re feeling really down. Jonathan said that when you can share your feelings with someone you trust.

That can help you realize that you’re not alone. And that you’re not unlovable or shameful. Basically, he wants people to know that even though depression and anxiety can feel really overwhelming, there’s always hope for a brighter future. 

You just have to be kind to yourself and seek out support when you need it. And that’s exactly what this former Disney star did too. 

Selena Gomez has quit social media to deal with her mental health. 

She made the announcement on TikTok. Incidentally, it was also the week that she became the most followed woman on Instagram. 

Now the pop star has had quite a few health issues. She had to undergo a kidney transplant because of lupus. And the side effects of the disease include panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. 

In 2019 she won the McLean Award for Mental Health Advocacy. And she used her acceptance speech to talk about her own struggles.She said that the year before, she had to take a break from social media and even checked herself into a facility to get help with her mental health.

 And then a year later, she decided to share her story with everyone. In her speech, she was really honest about how tough it was for her. She said, “I wasn’t able to keep it all together. I couldn’t even pretend to be okay.”

 Gomez also talked about how scary it was when all of her pain and anxiety hit her at once. But the good news is that she got help from doctors and was finally able to get a clear diagnosis. And understand what was really going on with her.

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars has also been very vocal about his hidden disorder.