The 54 year old actor was laid to rest on Friday.

Most of us remember Perry as the sarcastic advertising executive, Chandler Bing from the hugely popular sitcom, Friends. Early Sunday morning (Pakistan Time), news of his death came as a shock to fans, with a huge outpouring of love for the actor.

But it wasn’t just Friends that made him such a beloved actor. Sure, that was the show that made him, but there was more to his career. If you are remembering Perry today, then check out of some other TV shows and movies.

The Whole Nine Yards

Perry stars opposite action legend Bruce Willis in this action comedy. He plays the nosy neighbor to Willis’ contract killer character in the suburbs, and the chaos that ensues It’s a light and easy watch, and Perry is channeling a lot of Bing especially in his wardrobe choices in the movie.

Fools Rush In

This might be my favorite Matthew Perry movie. He stars opposite the gorgeous Salma Hayek in this romantic comedy from 1997. He plays an eternal bachelor who runs into the Hayek’s character while waiting in line for the bathroom. The two end up in the sheets, and I’ll let you watch the movie for the rest.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

Perry’s first major TV role after Friends, he played the role of an executive producer of a live comedy show, much like Saturday Night Live. It was actually a pretty show, but lasted only for 22 episodes. NBC and CBS even had a bit of a bidding match for the show, resulting in a record licensing fee at the time.

The Ron Clark Story

This made-for-television movie saw Perry in the real life story of a public school teacher. It follows the tale of an idealistic teacher who leaves his small hometown to teach in a New York City public school, where he faces trouble with the students. The role landed Perry a nomination for Best Actor in a Mini Series or Motion Picture Made For Television.